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Elections 2010

All over the internet, and on the television and radio in Haiti, journalists and pundits are focusing on “elections in the time of cholera.”

They're discussing the protests against the UN troops, the exclusion of Fanmi Lavalas and the boycott of other parties... the opinion polls, the questionable constitutionality of the Provisional Electoral Council, and the tens of thousands of earthquake refugees who likely can’t vote because they don’t have voter cards.

All of these challenges are certainly important, since they call into question the legitimacy and the very legality of the parliamentary and presidential races slated for November 28.

But Haiti Grassroots Watch decided to take a step back to look at these questions:

•    Why elections?
•    What have 23 years of elections delivered so far?
•    At what cost - economic and political?
•    What alternative and what are the challenges?


Part 1 – Why elections and what have they delivered?

Part 2 – At what cost and what alternative?

Extracts from an interview on the 1990 elections



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